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Michael & Joanne

Financial security to enjoy the good life

Michael and his wife Joanne own a private medical practice. They enjoy running their business and looking after patients.
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They wanted to outsource the management of their SMSF and have someone to look at the types of strategies they should engage now they are in their 60s.

Direct Advisers liaised with their accountant to ensure that their SMSF was invested in a diversified manner appropriate for their risk tolerance. We took into account their desire to retire early and to enjoy regular travel.

Our ongoing service ensured they were able to

  • minimise tax
  • maximise superannuation, and
  • make strategic changes to improve the outcomes for their retirement.

As a client of Direct Advisers Michael and Joanne know that they can depend on us to make appropriate changes to their portfolio, and keep them informed of financial matters that require attention. Our six monthly meetings provide them with confirmation that they are living within their means and they can feel confident booking their next trip overseas!


A strong foundation for a successful financial future

Louise is a young executive working for a recruitment firm in Brisbane. Her current salary is $180,000 per annum.
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She had just finished repaying her home loan and was looking for strategies to secure her future. It was important for her to be financially independent but she wasn’t sure where to start.

Louise commenced our Financial Foundations program and is working through a checklist of actions which will ensure she is

  • financially secure
  • invested in line with her risk profile, and
  • prepared for any changes to her situation in the future.

Louise had told us that she wanted to have more flexibility in her work life, and she wanted to plan for a short term reduction in salary as part of changing her career. With some guidance Louise was able to make sure she had saved sufficient money to replace her income for six months while she studied, and continue to build her superannuation through salary sacrifice so that the career change did not significantly impact on her retirement.

The Financial Foundations program helped Louise identify the next steps in building and shaping her financial future.

Phillip & Danielle

Seachangers taking the right steps towards retirement

Phillip and Danielle moved to Port Macquarie in 2006 as part of their “seachange”. They both wanted to continue working and were able to obtain part-time work.
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It was important to them that they planned for their eventual retirement, but that they were still able to enjoy their new environment.

As they are were in their late 50s they knew they needed to focus on the strategies available to build their retirement income. They wanted someone they could trust to look after their portfolio and make sure they were taking the right steps to minimise their tax and maximise the money available to them in retirement.

Though our relationship started with a simple retirement planning strategy, over the years we have assisted them with;

  • aged care advice for their parents
  • insurance claims for income protection
  • structuring their superannuation to maximise disability support payments and
  • making small changes to superannuation to ensure they receive spouse contribution benefits and co-contribution payments from the government.

I can confidently say that we are their financial answer to everything-and they know that they can contact us for personalised advice whenever they need it.


Confidence and support in challenging situations

Glenys was referred to us by one of our existing clients. Her husband had recently passed away and she was now in receipt of his defined benefits pension.
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Glenys was very concerned that she was going to have to manage on a significantly reduced payment from Centrelink.

Her husband Robert had always managed their financial affairs and she was finding this very overwhelming. We were able to

  • help Glenys gain confidence in managing her money
  • talk to Centrelink and go to appointments with her
  • ensure Glenys was receiving the maximum entitlement and benefits under our Age Pension Assist service, and
  • manage her Centrelink age pension

Working with Direct Advisers took the hassle out of navigating Centrelink’s complex web of forms and procedures and gave Glenys comfort and confidence regarding her financial situation