August 9, 2017

A personal spending check-up

At a time when investment returns and pay rises are typically subdued, a temptation is for investors, including retirees, to take greater risks outside their tolerance to risk in an effort to keep up investment returns. However, among the other smarter options is for investors is to look for ways to reduce their everyday living costs that hopefully won’t really sacrifice the quality of their lifestyles. A recent article in The New York Times– Have a day off? Tackle your financial to-do list – points to how we can potentially save quite a bit of money by attempting to reduce some daily […]
August 2, 2017

Another insight into Australia’s persistent retirement-savings gender gap

New research provides another insight into Australia’s persistent retirement-savings gender gap and into what some women are personally doing to lessen its impact. This research, How Australia Saves – a collaboration between Vanguard and Sunsuper – draws on the transactions and investment experiences of more than a million Sunsuper members. Researchers found that a higher proportion of women than men made non-concessional (after-tax) contributions in 2015-16. Women made up 59 per cent of the members making non-concessional contributions into the fund’s default lifecycle option during 2015-16 in addition to their superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions. (The vast majority of Sunsuper’s members are in […]
August 2, 2017

Smart ways to stretch retirement money

Just think that in early June 2008, the Reserve Bank’s cash rate stood at 7.25 per cent. Now fast forward nine years to early June 2017 and Australia’s current cash rate is 1.5 per cent. And just think of the impact of falling interest rates on the many retirees who may have become accustomed before the GFC aftermath to financing their retirement from the interest and yields generated by their portfolios. Numerous retirees – as well as the swelling numbers of investors on the eve of retirement – are still struggling to adjust their expectations and practices for a low-interest […]